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I have, I think, just one more round of chemo left. When I go through my pill popping regimen tomorrow morning it will be the last time for this particular round of drugs. Twenty-three rounds, it seems, is enough. What […]

Livvy is going through an “I’m scared” phase at night. She wants us to sleep in her bed and check on her all the time. As I write, her shades are up, a little nightlight is on, and she’s hugging […]

Note – Most of my blogging now occurs at a new media company. My blog is here. John McCain had a good night at Rick Warren’s forum on faith and character and so on. Barack Obama had a better […]

I’m trying to find anger or bitterness or shock at all that John Edwards did and didn’t do and said he did and said he didn’t do. There is, of course, sadness – sadness for all those people who worked […]

Our young daughter is engaging the world and loving it. Now 3 and aware that only most of the universe revolves around her she is exploring the other creatures she runs across – particularly those her size. This means that […]

Several years ago, while attending an Atlanta Braves baseball game at Turner Field – their home park – my wife kept getting a quizzical look on her face. It only occurred when the Braves were at bat and usually during […]

A simple plan for helping America’s youth – make them all ride and take care of horses. The world would change. I spent the day with my two oldest daughter at a horse show in western Pennsylvania. Before my daughters […]

The Three Little Pigs are directly responsible for the degradation of American creativity and general childhood guilt. For the past several weeks the Golden Books version of The Three Little Pigs has made it onto Livvy’s high demand book rotation. […]

So, I found this via my friend Carlos. It is a “30-Day Sex Challenge” started by the folks at Relevant Church in Tampa, Florida. Here’s the gist of the challenge: People are not having enough sex. An epidemic of breakups […]

Every parent knows one of the simple truths of life is that there is no privacy. That is especially true in the bathroom. “What ‘cha doin Daddy???” is heard moments before the bathroom door is flung open and a little […]