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John McCain’s band of white advisers had best take a stroll down the lane of African-American oratorical history before they launch their next anti-Obama missive. [This is not to suggest that there is anything racial about McCain’s ad. I’m sure […]

Note – Most of my blogging now occurs at a new media company. My blog is here. Very interesting little MTV interview with pop sensation Katy Perry – of “I Kissed a Girl” and “Ur So Gay” fame. It […]

This post comes from Ian Spier, an ORU graduate: The ORU scandal has many an alumni concerned–concerned that a university with already questionable credibility has now lost whatever shred of it remained, and concerned, as a result, that their degree […]

When Tyler Perry’s new movie buried the new George Clooney flick and the new Cate Blanchett and Mark Wahlberg films as well, a lot of people began to ask why. USA Today has a succinct answer: Perry has managed to […]

Here’s a concept, something positive and a bit original to help people and there isn’t any controversy. What a deal! State government and the Arkansas Interfaith Conference will work together in a pilot program to help Arkansans obtain their share […]

Wondering if this pushes the limits of ‘Christian outreach’? Another massively popular Halo video game is out, which means another controversial opportunity for churches to outreach to youth. Already passed $300 million in sales, Halo 3 is being picked up […]

Here are two quick videos about the new book, unChristian: and

A new book is out from the president of the Barna Group – an evangelical polling, consulting, uber group. His name is David Kinnaman and along with Gabe Lyons he has written a book that is a sober read for […]

Following up on yesterday’s post on the “religious left,” I found a brilliant and thought-provoking post on Greg Boyd’s blog. He begins this way: Someone e-mailed me with a question worth wrestling with. He said he heard a well known […]

Relevant Magazine has an interesting feature about the future of the church. It features Rick Warren, Rob Bell, and other Christian leaders. Here is their take on politics: How should Christians be involved in the political system? Rob Bell: At […]