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When I turned on Wednesday evening’s Republican debate, while I was somewhat interested in hearing what all of the candidates except Rick Santorum had to say, I mostly tuned in to see Rick Perry perform a miracle. Because based on the Perry mania that’s spreading among evangelicals faster than offering plates at a Benny Hinn […]

Can you be a Christian and still ‘Rick Perry’? is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

Okay, East Coast, it’s official: God’s put you on his geographical poop list. Now, don’t fret about this; it happens to most geographical locations at one point or another. Now, there’s no exact science to figuring out which areas of the world God hates the most—though you’re not quite at Toledo’s level yet—however, I do […]

A BLOG POST: How To Find God in Natural Disasters! is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

THIS JUST IN: THE GAY AGENDA IS SNEAKY. Can I hear you praise the Lord with a little Woop! Woop!???? (Cue the song, “Come On Ride the Train.”) Listen up Christian parents! Well, actually the only ones who need to …Read More