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One question that I get more often than you might imagine is this: Hey, what’s the deal with Christian Nightmares? (You know, the Tumblr site/blog of mostly freakishly Christian videos that I repost a lot!) And while I have exchanged …Read More

Oh dear. Found at Christian Nightmare.

Okay, so by now you’ve probably heard the news: A lot of Christians are intellectually challenged when it comes to matters of faith. Well, duh. They call that news? Of course, we failed the test. Sheesh. What did people expect? …Read More

Sinead O’Connor says no. What do you think? Found at Dangerous Minds.

The Lord is… my mechanic my plastic surgeon my yoga instructor my president my lover I shall not want? He maketh me to lie down… in a house with three screaming kids on a stage in front of thousands on …Read More

Found at Christian Nightmares.

How would you respond?