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I’m not sure when it officially started, but it appears that the “principles” of The Christian Party of America (CPA) were published online on April 12, 2011 at around 10 p.m., so despite its website looking like something that was around when Dole/Kemp stickers were in season, The CPA is (I’m assuming) fairly new. Who’s […]

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Dr. Asa Andrew… He has a book out on Thomas Nelson… The love and support of financial-guru Dave Ramsey… A radio show… Weekly airtime on Nashville’s Fox station… But could he be a fraud? My wife went to see Dr. …Read More

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Jesus: Giddy up, Horse! Horse: Jesus, I can’t giddy up without knowing where we’re going first. Besides, “giddy up” doesn’t make sense for flying horses. Jesus: Should I say something like “On Dasher” instead? Horse: No. You shouldn’t. I hate …Read More

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