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Yes! Pastor Ed’s “Man Stuff” conference is just around the corner! Which means… Pastor Ed will be recording lots of AWESOME videos to promote his annual Christian Dudefest to all of the testicle-donned members of his church. According to Fellowship Church’s website… The Men’s Conference is 24 hours of testosterone fueled MAN STUFF. Combining intensity, […]

Pastor Ed Young & the Flavour Sisters promoting ‘Man Stuff’ is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

The man in these videos is Pace. He works for Pastor Ed Young (You remember Ed, right? Of U.B.U. fame?). A friend tells me he’s Ed’s “right hand man.” And I’m sure there are some days when he’s Ed’s “left-hand …Read More

Hilarious. Found at American Jesus.

THIS JUST IN: THE GAY AGENDA IS SNEAKY. Can I hear you praise the Lord with a little Woop! Woop!???? (Cue the song, “Come On Ride the Train.”) Listen up Christian parents! Well, actually the only ones who need to …Read More