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“You’re hurting my tree, Joe. I know this because trees sometimes talk to me when you forget to. Rocks, too. Like, right now this tree wants you to stop drilling that hole, Joe. You’re making the tree cry. It wants …Read More

Seattle isn’t as Jesusless as I expected it to be… The best part of these clips is my laugh at the end of clip 2.

In Portugal. Not in the U.S. Okay? Now breath… Again, I repeat: Jesus is on the cover of Playboy IN PORTUGAL. I don’t want anybody to hyperventilate or have a heart attack. You can rest easy knowing that America’s Jesus …Read More

“JESUS” etched into one’s forearm. Ouch. Out of my momma’s womb and then circumcised! Just. Like. Jesus. Way too easy. Died on the cross for my sin’s what? MY SIN’S WHAT? I need to know. Righteous. Possessive much? Seriously, sport’s …Read More

I received the following video from… it’s a featured video over at God’s online video site. It’s titled “Christians arrested in America”… You just gasped didn’t you? “Christians” arrested in America?! And you were probably thinking… “What in the …Read More

Frank Viola and Leonard Sweet just released their new book Jesus Manifesto. In celebration of that release, I invited Frank to write a guest post for Jesus Needs New PR.  Learn more about the book at (ALSO: Below the …Read More

“Saw this sticker on a car’s bumper today! Right next to a ‘Jesus fish’!” -A blog reader Would you display this on YOUR bumper?

First, for all you literary peeps out there, here’s the perfect example of an “eye rhyme.” You know, two words that LOOK like they should rhyme, but don’t. Next, we see a sign offering us another way to say “Jesus …Read More

My family–Dad, Mom, sister Elisabeth, and my nephew Christian–are in town this week. So far Elias is having fun hanging out with his cousin. But forgive me for this mess of a blog post… Mousetrap him! Mousetrap HIM! Lego my …Read More

This is hilarious. Before you complain about me using 75 percent of the slang word for poo, watch the video. I think you’ll wonder why I used the asterisk. And this is why I have always turned down interviews with …Read More