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“If you’ve waited [until now], this hurricane is a blessing,” said Beck. “It is God reminding you, as was the earthquake last week…you’re not in control.” This 80-degree sunshine here in Nashville is a blessing, too. ‘Irene is a blessing,’ says Glenn Beck is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

‘Irene is a blessing,’ says Glenn Beck is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

Now that he’s retired from Fox News, I can only imagine that Glenn’s wife was like “You’re not going to sit around the house all day long, right?” And who could blame her? Anyway, Glenn decided to start GBTV, as in Glenn Beck Television. But unlike MTV whose M no longer means “music,” GBTV’s “GB” […]

Glenn Beck LIVE from Jerusalem! is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

According to the Huffington Post… Glenn Beck delivered a message to his critics on his Thursday television show: “go to hell.” Beck’s comments came in the middle of a nearly 19-minute monologue where he continued his theory that the protests …Read More

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See? This right here is proof that… 1) God is a fan of marketing human crap. 2) God lends his voice to a lot of movie trailers, too. 3) God will help anybody. Found at Dangerous Minds!

This post is written by pastor and all around good guy (my friend) Adam. OK. It makes my wife nervous when I wade into these kinds of discussions, especially when I do it publicly. Now, for the record, I claim …Read More

Watch the latest news video at In addition to hating on social justice, Falwell Jr. tells Beck that his commencement speech at Liberty University was the best that Liberty had ever experienced. Really Jerry? Glenn Beck was the BEST? …Read More