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My friend Cassie Jaye and her production company Jayebird Productions are preparing to release a new documentary, The Right To Love: An American Family. You might remember that, I “starred” (well, I appeared) in Cassie’s last documentary Daddy I Do. Daddy I Do went on to win a slew of awards, including “Best Documentary” at […]

The Right To Love: A documentary about gay family values is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

Unlike most of my friends, I rarely get a Chick-fil-A craving. And normally when I do get one it happens on a Sunday when I’m walking through a mall food court and I see the darkly lit (closed!) Chick-fil-A booth. …Read More

When I posted about Sean McDowell/Interlinc yesterday, I didn’t know that it would create such a heated debate at my blog as well as several other well-visited blogs across the Internet. This morning I received an email from Sean. And …Read More

Here’s the gist according The Huffington Post: In response to Morgan’s direct question, “Is homosexuality a sin?” Osteen lisped said: “Yes, I’ve always believed, Piers, the scripture shows that it’s a sin.” Joel continued… Well, it’s strictly back to what …Read More

Pat Robertson’s smoking the wacky weed again. This time he’s speaking out about the recent blizzard that hit the Northeast over the holiday weekend… Wanna know why Pat thinks God sent the blizzard? Because of GAY PEOPLE! Yes, gay people. …Read More

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For the story regarding this t-shirt, click here. Found at Christian Nightmare. ##### It’s Gift A Goat week all week long… to help a needy family by purchasing them a goat, click here! (Spread the word…)

Randy Roberts Potts–you know, the grandson of Oral Roberts who made the “It Gets Better” video–wrote a wonderful thoughtful piece for the Washington Post and so I thought I would share it… There is a story in the Gospel of …Read More

Wow. This video is so sad and compelling and beautiful. And I hope millions of people see it. And that those who see it help make it better… (It’s a bit long, but so worth it.) Sent to me by …Read More

Most of us have a bullying story–our story, a friend’s story, a family member’s story… I do. I went to a Christian school that boasted a high school (7th through 12th grade) of 40 students. Some years it was close …Read More