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Disclaimer. This post is not about Mark Driscoll. I’m sorry. I know you’re disappointed. To be honest, I only used Mark’s name to get you to come here. Some of you never visit my blog unless Mark’s name is in the title. I know what you’re thinking: WTM? Love him or hate him or hate […]

Taking Mark Driscoll’s name in vain… is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

And the winners are… SmileyChris Mandy Evan DEAR WINNERS: Please email your name, t-shirt size, and address to and I will forward your information on to Aaron. As for the rest of you, GO BUY A T-SHIRT! As always, …Read More

This t-shirt was designed by my friend, singer/songwriter Aaron G. Hale. In fact, he’s open up an online store called Suburban Champion that features six of his newly designed t-shirts. And all of them are pretty amazing. I’m giving away …Read More

I’m giving away FIVE copies of Chris Tomlin‘s new record “And if Our God is For Us…” You’re excited huh? Your praise hands are salivating, aren’t they? They’re probably raising right now just thinking about Chris’s new record… 🙂 Well, …Read More

This is a guest post by my friend Chad Gibbs, the author of the very thoughtful and hilarious God and Football. (You can follow him on Twitter here… @chad_gibbs) Last week when I excitedly told my wife that Matthew Paul …Read More

Hey friends! I’m giving away three copies of Jeremy Camp’s new worship record Cry Out. Jeremy and I have been friends since my time at CCM magazine. The first time I met him, I told him that he would one …Read More

So… if you were lucky enough to win a copy of Audrey’s record, you should have received an email from me! So. If you haven’t received an email, that means you didn’t win. I’m sorry. But you can go buy …Read More

I’ve been talking about Audrey Assad‘s record for a couple of months. I’ve been excited about it because for many reasons… Audrey’s voice is rich and smooth, and somewhere between Sarah McLachlan and Nichole Nordeman. (I’m sure she’s tired of …Read More

Need a little summer happiness? Why not try some brand new acoustic mixes from David Crowder Band? Because everybody loves David Crowder Band! (Well, Bill Maher doesn’t like DCB, but that’s no big surprise; Bill hates Jesus.) (And BONO.) Anyway, …Read More

Frank Viola and Leonard Sweet just released their new book Jesus Manifesto. In celebration of that release, I invited Frank to write a guest post for Jesus Needs New PR.  Learn more about the book at (ALSO: Below the …Read More