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Doing this audio book was a dream come true. Seriously. I’ll tell you about that later. But it was a really amazing experience… For now… please download the audio book of Churched FOR FREE! Share it with your friends! Tweet …Read More

A friend on Facebook sent me this photo… The friend wrote… So, we invite our Children’s Director on vacation to Mexico with us and THIS is the view we get for two whole days! Thank You Matthew Paul Turner. Thank …Read More

I was home for a few days over the Christmas holiday. While searching through dusty boxes of old memories amid report cards, old worn out Bibles, and school pictures I found this index card. This card represents just one of …Read More

“THIS book” would be my book Churched. And that advice comes from an reviewer… Mamastiks writes… Don’t buy this book. Don’t buy this book. Don’t buy this book. Very sacrilegious and a gross exaggeration of what “goes on” in …Read More

I’ve been working hard on this… here’s a sample of Churched-the Audio Book… It’s not a final edit… still tweaking it some.. But if you like… please pass it along and tell people… When the audio book launches in the …Read More


Do Sunday School teachers still hand out these invites to students or are they delivered by email now? We don’t have Sunday school at Crosspoint.

It’s official, Churched hits stores in paperback today. BUY IT HERE! If you haven’t read Churched, here’s a previously unreleased excerpt for your enjoyment. And if you would be so kind to spread the word for me, that would be …Read More