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Image found at The American Jesus. You’ve probably heard: The Holy Catholic Church has blessed an iPhone App called “Confession”. If not, here’s the news link from the BBC. Some of its features include: -Custom examination of Conscience based upon …Read More

I suggest seven hail Marys and four Our Fathers… Found at Christian Nightmares.

Alanis warned us… you know how those Catholic girls boys can be… A Catholic youth group has shocked its religious superiors in Mallorca by producing a calendar that features a nude version of the passion of Christ. The wrath of …Read More

Found at Christian Nightmares.

Oh my. Found at Unreasonable Faith.

I read the following editorial in Nashville’s City Paper. It’s a piece written by Teddy Bart about a Catholic Priest who is a friend of his who is apparently known for causing a ruckus in the Catholic Church… Apparently the …Read More

This is awesome. Found at Christian Nightmares