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Are We Witnessing America’s Last Days? from First Dallas on Vimeo. On September 11, First Baptist Church in Dallas claims it’s starting a brand new sermon series. But let’s be honest: It’s not really a new series. In fact, I bet I’ve heard these exact sermons (insert different current events) at least 100 times in […]

THIS is what’s wrong with American Christianity (a blog post) is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

No, this isn’t old. Like the good patriots over at American Jesus point out… What’s perhaps most incredible about this video is the fact that it’s not one of those classic late 80′s, early 90′s videos from a bygone era …Read More

Do you want to proclaim our nation’s righteous heritage?! Of course you do. Who doesn’t? Well, now you can! And it’s really easy to do!!! No former experience with explosives is required. How’s that for Good News? All you have …Read More

Yep, that’s right: America’s Christian Talent is a real contest. And here are a couple of the latest entries… CLICK HERE FOR CINDY’S ENTRY! GO CINDY! She’s UH-Maze-ING. Don’t you think? But wait… she has some big competition coming from …Read More

Now THAT makes me want to confess my sins. High on Jesus. (Pot found inside framed Jesus art.) I’m hoping this is satire. But I couldn’t verify. Again, high on Jesus. Science project? Jesus loves me this I know. For …Read More

In addition to being a for finalist on American Idol, Krista Branch is also America. If you’re able to watch it until minute 2:34–that’s where Krista performs the power high note that she’ll probably struggle to pull off live–you might …Read More

“By these stripes you are healed.” -Jesus “If it be your will, Father, take this cup from me.” -Jesus This faith is your faith. This faith is my faith. “I know you guys are busy, but you might want to …Read More

Looks like he’s got Michael W. Smith filling in on his behalf.

Just a guess, but I bet Floyd takes high blood pressure medication and sometimes sets his Bible on his belly. Again, just a guess. I wonder if Jesus has asked Arnold to “say it”… you know, his shtick… “Whatchu talkin’ …Read More

Picture found at Christian Nightmares Thoughts?