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Ten Awful Truths About Book Publishing by Steve Piersanti 6-09 Update

I learn so much from pastors, and I’ll be blogging about one such pastor soon, and I’ve learned that I learn so much because we learn from one another. Pastors sometimes write me about cracking the code of a passage …Read More

I don’t have a commonplace book, and were I to begin, I would surely fall behind, even if it would be a rush of joy for me just to sit down to write with one of my fountain pens. How …Read More

Great authors can sometimes be found in magazines and journals. I subscribe to some academic journals for my field and, like the evening shadow, they are covering the entire room with their shades. Others are for just reading and learning. …Read More

Shelves, by the way, do make a difference. If my books had made me famous or wealthy (I’d prefer the latter over the former), and if publishers thought of me as someone worth marketing lavishly (which they don’t), I would …Read More

So, in desultory style, I bought another of Epstein’s familiar essays (which he defines as a “line out for a walk”), and then before the summer was out I had read seven books of familiar essays and four books of …Read More

These sorts of questions and authors have kept me from reading much fiction. It is not that I don’t appreciate the authors – I often read biographies of fiction writers – or that I don’t think they have had their …Read More

My heart, for instance, jumped when I recently re-read Dante Alighieri’s (whom a Texan friend refers to as “Danny, Ally, and Gerry”) The Divine Comedy, which title takes some brushing up against some intelligent folks to comprehend. I liked Dante, …Read More

This is an unpublished essay I wrote a few years back and want to post it this and next week while we are in Italy wandering from one Tuscan village to another. Enjoy… Never Alone “…the truth that reading and …Read More

At Messiah College last week I was asked three different times this question: “How do you manage to get all the teaching, speaking and writing done?” OK, I’ve talked about this before, but I’d like to have a conversation about …Read More