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We are looking at the recent book by Elaine Howard Ecklund Science vs Religion: What Scientists Really Think. The earlier installments are here: first, second, and third. The book relates various ideas about science and religion that emerged from her …Read More

Yesterday afternoon a fellow using the name of “joe” left an interesting comment on one of posts: “Read the God Delusion you ignorant fools.” The idea, it seems, is that anyone who thinks, who cares to look at the evidence, …Read More

We are looking at the recent book by Elaine Howard Ecklund Science vs Religion: What Scientists Really Think. The first installment is here. In chapter 5 Ecklund considers how religion is dealt with by professors in the University. Issues of …Read More

Today I am a lab rat – the little white kind, running through a maze, dissected for examination… Elaine Howard Ecklund a sociologist at Rice University, with a husband on the faculty in Physics, has published a book Science vs …Read More

This last week I (RJS not Scot) have spent my commute listening to the audio from the Wheaton Theology Conference: Jesus, Paul and the People of God: A Theological Dialogue with N.T. Wright. This is fascinating stuff – I recommend …Read More

Here is the question for today – Do you read books by or about women? Intentionally? This is the third and last in a series of posts centered around a short volume Are Women Human? containing two essays by Dorothy …Read More

Last Thursday (see here) I started a short series of posts focused on Dorothy Sayers’ essays published in the volume Are Women Human?. The first essay in this volume is an address given to a women’s society in 1938.  Sayers …Read More

We’ve had extensive conversations on this blog on the issue of women in ministry. The topic comprises the last third of Scot’s book The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible , and is at the root of many …Read More

It has been a while – but the Missional Campus Ministry series will continue on an occasional basis as resources or topics appear.  Today I would like to focus conversation around a recent blog post by John Stackhouse – Campus …Read More

The church I attend has an outstanding youth ministry. No question. And intentionally inter-generational worship. The staff is intent on building relationships. The church is thriving, even growing. The number of families with young children is increasing. And yet … …Read More