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We began a series, which will have new posts sporadically rather than consistently, not long ago about Translation and the tribalism that we now experience with translations. One of our points is that the authoritative text is not the translation […]

Translations are now officially and unofficially connected to tribes, and it is not a little bit humorous and also at times quite sad.  Sometimes it sounds like culture wars, and that is sad. Today I want to make one point, […]

I am very confident about the prospects of the new NIV (2011). I know those translators and know they are devout and they are accurate translators. I hope you are praying for them, and I hope you listen carefully to […]

If you have not heard, here’s the basic scoop: Yesterday Christianity Today wrote a piece, a bit on the sensational side, to say the TNIV was being put to rest because of mistakes. Well, as the story developed yesterday, it […]

From Christianity Today .… [Added: I’m confident, as I look over the CT piece now that it has been expanded, that the NIV Committee for Bible Translation will not squash the TNIV into history but will improve the NIV in […]

There are better books on the King James Version, there are better books on the rise of English Bibles, and there are better books on the technique of translation, but there is no better book that tells the behind-the-scenes story […]

The post recently about the apocryphal books of the Old Testament, along with the poll, took me a bit by surprise. What I’m wondering is if you would purchase and read a TNIV (or NIV) that decided to include the […]

I am baffled by our translations of the Lord’s Prayer passage in Luke, and maybe you join me here. Luke 11:2, in the NIV, RSV, NRSV, and many others: “When you pray, say.” Even the ESV, which prides itself on […]

I am a friend of Wayne Grudem (and Stan Gundry), but I find the recent radio interview in which Wayne Grudem sallied forth against the TNIV to be indiscriminately unfair and would like to throw my hat in with Stan […]

The first poll is now complete. The final results for my blog readers on translations are: