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Three articles have been brought to my attention recently that are worth some discussion. The first two from Inside Higher Ed by Timothy Larson of Wheaton and Adam Kotsko at Kalamazoo College. (HT EG) The third article is an interview …Read More

George Barna, who surveys American religious trends, has a new study on how satisfied Christians are with President Obama. In the 2008 election, 42% of all born again adults voted for Barack Obama. The born again vote represented 40% of …Read More

What will happen to Social Security? Jack Cafferty, the most lovable curmudgeon I follow, got it going on this topic the other day at Here’s a bit and I wonder what you think: First it was the banks and …Read More

What did you think of the President’s speech? Anything raise flags for you? Any major shifts? I’ve done my best to convince myself that the media are overswarming this State of the Union address, and I keep saying to myself, …Read More

I was notified of this link from a friend…. For eighteen months I’ve been blogging about the energy storage sector and discussing the current and potential markets for batteries and other manufactured energy storage devices. A recurring theme that I’ve …Read More

I wonder who has given thought to the decision to try Kalid Sheikh Mohammed in NYC? Some are predicting disaster and little more than the hypocrisy of a show trial, while others think the trial will show Americans can be …Read More

I have been paying some attention to the bumper sticker, sound-byte that says “Pray for Obama” with a Bible verse attached: Psalm 109:8. It’s a long Psalm, and most who read this on the back of someone’s car won’t know …Read More

I heard about The Manhattan Declaration through Twitter and FB and then on Christianity Today, so I read it to see what was being said and I read through the list of those who were invited to sign it to …Read More

All is well, but Kris recently went through her annual mammogram, the discovery of a change from last year with development of a cluster of microcalcifications, another mammogram and a consultation, and then a biopsy and a consultation with the …Read More

LaVonne Neff, over at Lively Dust, has said it so well so I’ll just quote her. She estimates that it would cost each pro-abortion advocate 6 dollars a year to fund the abortion industry. So go ahead she says:  Personally, …Read More