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Every now and then a book comes along and I say, “Wow, that’s a great idea for a book!” Adam McHugh’s new book, Introverts in the Church: Finding Our Place in an Extroverted Culture , is that kind of book. […]

We are pursuing on this blog a set of posts on the church’s educational ministry and how a Third Way approach to preaching can reshape and revitalize preaching’s impact. * I believe most preachers think sermons have an impact. * […]

What makes a leader? Ideas. Courage. Contact with great thinkers. What makes a Christian leader? Great ideas, courage, and contact with great thinkers re-shaped and shaped by the gospel.  So, I offer to you a list of my top ten […]

In a post last month I raised the issue of Third Way preaching, and this is what I said: A genuine Third Way will get beyond the Sunday morning sermon as the primary form of spiritual formation and education in […]

Free book offer at bottom of this post! Pastors need to hear from fellow pastors. There’s a place for pastors listening to biblical experts — when they study the Bible. There’s a place for pastors listening to theologians — when […]

Evangelical pastors have flipped in the last generation. 30-40 years ago what most incited excitement was a new book by the arch-pastor and expositor, John Stott, expositing a New Testament book or a J.I. Packer book on theology. Today’s evangelicals […]

Recently we had a conversation about the pastor’s time schedule, and Jim Martin, a friend, posted a comment I thought deserved a separate post. So here it is… This is such an important concern. Working with a church can eat […]

I was talking to another staff member’s wife and they had only been in ministry a few months. They were exhausted. Spent. She said to me: I remember your husband saying something to mine about how we need to whittle […]

Introverts, Extroverts, and the Jesus Creed. On at least a couple of occasions, I have been asked whether I get energized (or re-energized) when I am alone, or when with others. It is a classic, yet simplistic indicator used to […]

Today, a word for leaders, and it goes with the book I mentioned by Ruth Haley Barton. Spiritually formed leaders don’t crave power, aren’t envious of the successes of others, and desire to be in friendship with God. Here are […]