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I’ll put it this way. We’ve not purchased a set of kitchen knives for cutting up stuff since we got married over 34 years ago. In fact, our knives now tear stuff more than they cut things. My teeth are …Read More’s personnel and I have been working out the wrinkles, with a test post or two, and it looks like we are ready to go. So, please use these addresses: Our new address: // Our new RSS feed is: //

This weekend Kris and I flew out to see Lukas, Annika and our new grandson, Aksel. We always enjoy their quaint village, filled as it is with unique Victorian homes and the aroma of Concord grapes hanging in the air. …Read More

If Acts 11 records the gospel preaching of Peter, Acts 13 records the gospel preaching of Paul. So here’s the long text:

Here’s grandma Kris with Aksel. (She’s no doubt teaching him the Jesus Creed.)

HT: Matthew Staton

Indeed, on the Wrigley Field ticker today you could see a welcoming of our new grandson, Aksel Donovan Nelson McKnight… Kris thinks his name is very kingly! 5 minutes or so old… Congratulations to Annika and Lukas and Aksel. More …Read More

Scot, I am working along with another leader in my church in developing a course which will provide an introduction to the Bible, and some devotional tools for diving deeper. There will be a separate basic theology class as followup, …Read More

Give it up for the Cubs! They win the division and now are preparing to win the NLCS and the World Series.

We come full circle. In our sketch of the NT evidence, there is enough evidence to conclude that heaven — at least for Peter and for John — is not the final place. The final place is the new heavens …Read More