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For many Christians the creation narratives in Genesis 1-2 and the fall in Genesis 3 are key passages in conversations concerning science and faith. The significance of our knowledge of the age of the earth and the theory of evolution […]

In Irenaeus’ great studyDemonstration of the Apostolic Preaching we are treated in paragraph six to one of the earliest summaries of the principle articles of the Christian faith. Here they are:

Irenaeus’ theology sets up shop in what is now considered customary; it was probably not an innovation on his part but it is the earliest consolidation of the Christian faith that we now possess. It begins with “God and Man” […]

Last night I was sitting in front of our college with my colleague and friend, Brad Nassif, nibbling away on our dinners and we struck up a conversation about Irenaeus’ great book,Demonstration of the Apostolic Preaching. Brad said something I […]