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Some (low church) folks roll their eyes when they see that word “Lent” in the title of this post, and other (often high church) folks said, “Ah, yes, something for all of us.” The Church calendar is designed to embody […]

A “spam storm”: of a hundred comments an hour or more requires the catcha back on for a time. Bear with us and join the conversation. (Copy a long comment before posting, so you won’t lose the thought if the […]

The good folks at Englewood Review of Books and I tried something: an interview on Twitter. The “twinterview” was about our Fasting: The Ancient Practices book, and Josh has an amazingly clever post of the tweets.  John Frye has just […]

What is fasting? Try defining it, and I’ll make a suggestion. Go ahead — in your mind define it. Here’s my suggestion: If, in defining fasting, we are tempted to define fasting as something we do “in order to” get […]

As with Advent and even our Holy Week, ideas for a major seasonal shift like Lent can be difficult to come by. This year I want to focus on something simple. I’m going to focus on fasting one day each […]

Our book on fasting is now available. We worked on this book for about a year; it is one of the volumes in Nelson’s The Ancient Practices Series. Phyllis Tickle is the General Editor and other volumes now available are […]

I [or We] have a book coming out this winter in a series with Thomas Nelson. The series is about returning to ancient practices and my [or our] book is on Fasting. Here is a pdf of the cover … […]

Here is a thesis statement in my book on fasting:

Fasting, as we see it in the pages of the Bible, has been appropriated in the Christian tradition in a way that often abandons its biblical sense. In particular, it has become for many today a technique. What do I […]

I make a confession: I’m a bit surprised by a trend I’m seeing in some of what I’ve read about fasting. Most of my time has been spent pondering (1) what the Bible says in its context and how that […]