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The second chapter of Mark Biddle’s book, Missing the Mark, discusses sin from a very important angle: sin as the desire to be more than human. He’s not keen on making this simply hubris or pride or arrogance, but the […]

Mark Biddle’s book Missing the Mark, with a striking piece of art work on its cover, is the newest and one of the finer books on how the Bible describes sin. Should you ask, my favorite book on sin (if […]

The problem for atonement theory is the problem it resolves. In other words, atonement theory is designed to “fix” the problem, and we often describe the problem as sin. But, what is sin? And with it comes the trailer: What […]

I’ve suggested that the use of “penal substitution” is being used to carry too much weight in the atonement wars going on today. What I’m arguing for, and will in my book, is that we need a bigger and better […]

In light of my work on a book on atonement and then, on top of that, the CT article I wandered into, it might be good to look at some terms. My big point in many of my comments over […]

Mark Dever, a Baptist pastor in Washington, DC, is the author of the featured article in Christianity Today and it appropriately deals with the atonement. But, instead of being a positive description of what the death (and resurrection) is, Dever […]

The biggest question the emerging thinkers are asking of the satisfaction theory, and even penal substitution theory, can be found in one simple question and then I’ll let LeRon Shults flesh it out. How would you respond to this way […]

I read the volume, well not each and every page, edited by Mark Husbands and Daniel J. Treier, both at Wheaton, called Justification: What’s at Stake in the Debates? — don’t you just love artistic titles? Well, scholarly books rarely […]

In the third section of Alan Mann’s book, Atonement for a ‘Sinless’ Society, Mann deals with the Passion narrative of the Gospels as a narrative that invites the postmodern self into the text in order to find ontological coherence through […]

In Alan Mann’s Atonement for a ‘Sinless’ Society, which drew plenty of healthy comment yesterday, there is a big-time emphasis on narrative or story. Whether we talk like this or even think like this or not, “story” or “narrative” gives […]