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If I had to summarize Paul’s gospel, I’d use Luke’s last scene in Acts, and I would suggest this text summarizes the missional theology of Paul in the Book of Acts: 28:30 Paul lived there two whole years in his own …Read More

Paul gets to explain his gospel to the Jewish community in Rome, and here’s what he said: 28:23 They set a day to meet with him, and they came to him where he was staying in even greater numbers. From morning …Read More

We are in the final days of Luke’s missionary sketch of Paul, and we are in the final week of this series on Acts and Mission. Paul is in prison, and if the traditional site of his imprisonment, just off …Read More

Well, folks, we’re coming round the bend to the final week of posts on Acts and Mission. (Our next series will be to go through the Psalms, and I will be using J. Goldingay: Psalms, Vol. 1: Psalms 1-41 (Baker …Read More

We’re skipping quickly through the journey narratives of Acts because our focus is on Paul’s missional work and missional theology, and traveling [Fair Havens to the right] … well it’s part of it because missional people travel. Paul gets an …Read More

Paul’s passion is for everyone to see the light of the gospel in the face of Jesus Christ, and that means even Festus is in his circle of compassionate gospel preaching. Festus thinks Paul’s lost his mind with his belief …Read More

Paul gets to tell his story, and he tells his story in a way that shows he’s a faithful Jew, that what he believes is Jewish, that resurrection is central to Jewish hope, and that the Jewish God has called …Read More

It’s a great story. The apostle Paul harrassed into persecution in the Temple by those who thought he was a trouble-making unobservant Jew divulges that he’s a Roman, and everything changes. Through a series of hearings Paul ends up in …Read More

Paul is in prison on the Mediterranean coast in Caesarea (aqueduct to the right), and at first things move quickly — five days after his arrival there is a hearing, but a decision isn’t made and Paul ends up in …Read More

Behind the scenes two things are at work: the enemies of Paul, who think he’s dangerous to Torah observance and therefore to the sanctity of Israel and the Temple, and the friends of Paul, including family members in Jerusalem. His …Read More