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The 4th of July has come and gone, the heat is on all around the country…sure signs that we are firmly into the summer season. Spending time during these sunny days with those we care for gives us a nice …Read More

Coming off of Father’s Day weekend seems to be a perfect time to focus on creating a stronger bond with dad.  Think of how the role of “father” in familes has changed over the years.  The medical community talks a …Read More

Exposing your true feelings may be uncomfortable sometimes, but it’s worth it! Dig deep.  Think about your feelings and get them out.  Take a nice, deep, calmiing breath…be honest and gentle.  Sharing in this way will definitely help you to …Read More

Available Now! Having a tough time finding the right words when caring for a sick or elderly relative? We can help! —Maximize your minutes with your loved one —Strengthen your relationships —Capture thoughts your family will treasure for lifetimes Caring …Read More

I’m thrilled to announce the national release of my new book for caregivers. It’s called Caring Questions and from my own experiences, I know using it will help you strengthen your relationships. I’ve tapped into my background as a news …Read More

The other night I did something I haven’t done in a long time. I walked away from writing, and housework, and “go thorough stacks of paper night” to go to a show. Anthony Rapp chose Pittsburgh’s City Theater to launch …Read More