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When you were little, you didn’t worry about creating an exercise program to stay fit! When you weren’t in school, you woke up with the sunshine, ate breakfast, and then ran outside to play. You were doing what came naturally. …Read More

Women in their 40’s – 60’s are the most inactive groups of adults in the United States! Recent research shows that only about nine percent of women in this age group get at least three 20-to-30-minute sessions of moderate exercise …Read More

Caregiving and sleep deprivation can go hand in hand. Our bodies desprately need sleep though, and it’s important to try to find ways to increase the length and better the quality of sleep. The Take Care Tips chapter on Sleep …Read More

I got to meet some strong, beautiful people at the Camp Variety for Children recently. The summer program is part of Variety the Children’s Charity of Pittsburgh, which is the oldest children’s charity of southwestern Pennsylvania.What is now a global …Read More

I’d like you to meet someone: My new nephew, Owen Michael! He came into the world yesterday morning. My sister is now mom to two boys. It’s really been something to see her go from my little sister to mom. …Read More

I had the pleasure of being reminded how nice it is to take a break from routine this past weekend. My family took care of the caregiver by taking me to visit friends who have a beautiful home at Deep …Read More