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We went looking for rare animals…you're not going to believe what we found.

As parents we are always looking for little ways to teach big lessons.  Julie Federico has provided such a tool. Some Parts are Not for Sharing, is a simple little book to teach children about boundaries with their bodies.  I …Read More

For Christmas, Barbara and I got the kids puppies.  Labradoodles to be exact.  They are great dogs and are fitting right into the chaos of our home.  The only question has been, "What to name them?" I've been lobbying hard …Read More

I couldn't take it anymore! "She touched me!…He's not playing the game right!…They came in my room! So I grabbed the first box in sight, cut a hole in the top and inscribed:  Tattle Box.  I then proceeded to sit the tribe …Read More

Santa's going to be busy!

I'm at The World Prayer Center in Colorado Springs.  Barbara just returned from a retreat with God and now it's my turn to listen for his still small voice…

Major League Mom, is what I call my wife because it takes nine players to field a baseball team and, as of a couple of  months ago, that's how many children we have.  Life in the majors has been a …Read More