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What do you do when… …poverty remains the dividing line between success and failure in this country? …politicians argue over the causes of poverty–one side blames structures, the other, people? …the achievement gap between poor and middle-class children is evident …Read More

If the church is going to serve its community as Christ would, it means that we need to be as good at reading our cities as we are reading our Bibles.  This means that we are aware of what is …Read More

We as Christians need to be comfortable being marginal.  This will require two things:  Surrender and Choice. Surrender:  We are being marginalized in this country and we can be OK with that.  We live in a pluralistic society that is …Read More

Marginal:  Extremely small, limited; minimal; having to do with edges; lower and outer limits; almost insufficient. I think we Christians need to be comfortable with and embrace being Marginal. What do you think?