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John Howard Griffin is one of my heroes. He’s the white man who took the amazing journey of living as a black man in the Deep South in the late 1950’s.  Ultimately, he recorded his saga in a book, Black …Read More

In a previous post I wrote about, The Other Wes Moore, the story of two men with the same name and similar backgrounds yet vastly different destinies. Recently, the Rev. Leon Kelly stopped by The Sankofa Institute for a conversation.  He …Read More

This month at The Sankofa Institute we are discussing education. Most agree that the education system in the U.S. has serious flaws.  Politicians point out that we are falling behind our competition and promise to do something about it.  Rod …Read More

Carl Ellis in his book, Free At Last? The Gospel in the African-American Experience, makes this profound statement: It is a disgrace that we have not learned to preache ‘the full counsel of God’ through our history, the way Stephen …Read More

During the 1930’s, in order to reduce unemployment during the Great Depression, the government funded The Federal Writers’ Project. One of their assignments was to interview many of the 100,000 former slaves that were still alive in the United States. …Read More

“De-Egyptianization” is the term for what happened to Israel in the desert.  After four hundred years of slavery their culture and identity was virtually destroyed and in need of restoration.  They were in such bad shape that even though God …Read More

At The Sankofa Institute we are reading Carl Ellis’ Free At Last:  The Gospel in the African-American Experience.  Outside of the Bible this is the most influential book in my life.  Ellis is seeking to demonstrate a way for all …Read More

What do you think about W. E. B. Du Bois’ concept of The Talented Tenth? William Edward Burghardt (aka–W.E.B) Du Bois was the first African-American to earn a PH.D. from Harvard.  He went on to be a history professor, editor …Read More

As I’ve told you about in the past (see here and here), I’m starting a new venture called,  The Sankofa Institute   a one-of-a-kind Christian Institute for African-American leaders The institute began taking applications in January and is now full. …Read More

I would love your opinion on the three logos you see below.  They are for The Sankofa Institute that I’m starting. (see here)   Remember, Sankofa is the West African concept that we must remember our roots as we move …Read More