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November is National Adoption Month.  God is up to something.  The Bride of Christ is waking up all across this nation to the need to care for orphans through adoption and foster care. James 1.27 makes it clear that to …Read More

I’m off to Austin, TX to speak at the Together for Adoption National Conference.  God is on the move on behalf of his children–He’s a “father to the fatherless.” There’s a live webcast of the conference.  Log on to hear …Read More

Five years ago we started Project 127 with the goal of finding a Christian home for every child in Colorado's foster system.  Here's how we're doing: 24 Orientations with 2070 people in attendance. 398 Families from 163 churches. 125 Families …Read More

With the release of the movie Orphan, Warner Bros. is portraying these beautiful, though often wounded, children as horrors.  There is a campaign to counteract this called:  Orphans Deserve Better.   As an adoptive father of five (and for much of the …Read More

America–Baskets, baskets everywhere. There are 500,000 children waiting for homes in America's foster care system.  We don't half to travel half-way around the world we live in a country with a half-million orphans. They are every age, ethnicity and background.  …Read More

Parentless children is a global crisis with over 140 million orphans world wide. One day, I received an email from a woman in our church about a little girl available for adoption in Ethiopia.  At that time my wife, Barbara, …Read More

I think that she was down by the riverside to see if there was anything she could do.  Powerless to change her father's will and unable to stop the horror upstream she went down by the riverside and immersed herself …Read More

"Then Pharaoh's daughter went down to the Nile river to bathe…"  (Ex. 2.5) She went down to the river to bath.  Doesn't that seem odd to you? Pharaoh's daugther, raised in royalty, was bathing in the NILE river?  Why would …Read More