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I was rolling a stone around in my hand. A crystal. An astrologer told me once to do that — that I needed to, that it would relax me. Keep my hands busy. My chart is Mercury-ruled. I’m a Virgo …Read More

That she kept seeing the Death card. Before this blog went live, I had to approve the In the Cards header that you see above, the logo and Tarot images. In the first version, the Death card was present. It …Read More

A gal in one of my chat rooms was talking about work-avoidance. She’s got a big project that she’s been putting off. Not just putting off the fine-tuning detail work, but avoiding the whole shebang. Watching make-up tutorials on YouTube …Read More

“Yes, you can ask questions — in fact, you should ask questions — if, and only if, you want the answers.” -from Oracle in the City (Book One, Chapter Two) Last night on the phone, my sister was telling me …Read More