Deepak Chopra and Intent

Here I explain the levels leading up to addiction.

In light of International Peace Day, I want to share with you seven techniques for developing peace consciousness.

“Running out of time,” “losing track of time”–we talk about time as if it were a finite object. But time is a psychological event. What do you think?

Sitting with my American-Chinese-Indian grandson I realized he is the face of the “new world.” We are going through a wonderful transition and going beyond our narrow ethnic and nationalistic boundaries.

While I was waiting to leave for the airport, I started to think about how our emotional exchanges with others regulate our emotional and biological states.

Is your neighbor yourself? Sitting in the airport I had a moment of recognition that because we share molecules, we are part of one consciousness. Everyone here is recycling their thoughts, emotions, and molecules with me.

Tantra believes sexual and spiritual energy are the same because they’re the universe’s creative energy. They can be used for passionate lovemaking or art, poetry, music, and be channeled for transformation and manifestation.

when we understand the brain, we’ll be able to understand consciousness objectively. But consciousness can only be explored by consciousness so it has to be a subjective experience.

Do you believe that we are accidents? This morning I was thinking about the idea of atheism, which believes that we are accidents and purpose of our biological science is to prolong the accident indefinitely.

Will information technology trump military strength? What if a hand-held computer could hijack airplanes by interfering with air traffic signals? We need to use technology to heal the rift in our collective soul or risk using it to destroy ourselves.