Deepak Chopra and Intent
January 1, 1970 Archives

Dear Friends, The Wall Street Journal recently published an article critical on some comments that I made on CNN and at the same time made some derogatory and personal attacks. Both I and my son, Gotham Chopra, responded and Wall …Read More

As many already know, my father Deepak Chopra (along with thousands of others) has taken a vow of non-violence in all his actions and words. As a result, he’s unable to respond that aggressively to an article written by Dorothy …Read More

All through Thanksgiving at the Chopra house, we discussed vigorously the terrifying situation in Mumbai. All intelligence so far points to the fact that the perpetrators of these attacks belong to Islamic militant sects. How shocking. Keep in mind that …Read More

Before the economy eclipsed everything else, the country was feeling better about Iraq. The war was winding down. The insurgents were being steadily pacified. Then along came Mumbai, and their 9/11, as Indians view it, reignited our own past fears. …Read More