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Most social media challenges are quickly followed by medical and law enforcement officials warning potential challenge takers of all the terrible consequences that come from being stupid enough to light yourself on fire, eat poisonous laundry pods or hide from …Read More

It seems like everyone has busier schedules than ever. People across the nation complain about not having enough time to spend with their family, their friends or to dedicate to their hobbies. As such, willingly dedicating what little free time …Read More

In 2012, a new tradition began following the American holiday of Thanksgiving. There were already two days dedicated to shopping, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but a team in New York City wanted to give people a reason to spend …Read More

George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Jamie Foxx, Matthew McConaughey and Kelly Rowland are just a few of the a-list, Hollywood stars that have signed up to participate in a Hurricane relief telethon. The “Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Harvey …Read More