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Rosie the Riveter is still alive and well in the modern world. The iconic poster and theme, “We can do it!” is alive and well in Vermont. There, the organization called Rosie’s Girls works to help girls develop and interest […]

Barbie has been an astronaut, explorer, athlete and Madam President for years. Now, this classic doll is going to be modeled after real-life women. Mattel’s new line is called “Inspiring Women” and will be filled with Barbie dolls that resemble […]

In March, I proudly started a series on people who go the extra mile to inspire and enrich the community around them. First, we met Shari Grimes and the work she does for the Hope House, then we met a […]

This video was done by a father from the Netherlands who filmed his daughter, Lotte, every week from her infancy to 12 years old. This is what growing up looks like. This post makes me feel…Inspired (3) Motivated (5) Happy (3) Better (1) Challenged (2)

This time of year, I enjoy a few a scary movies with friends and definitely over indulge my sweet tooth. But generally I’ve never made a big fuss about Halloween. It was neutral in my book. I was tempted to […]

One of the things I love about children is how they express emotion without any reservation or thought to how they look. They can get ecstatically happy, which makes them fun to surprise. That said, meet Lily. It’s about to […]

It’s amazing how laughter is contagious. I watched this video and could not stop laughing myself. Here’s a video that shows how great it is to laugh all the way from infancy to the golden years. LAUGHS! from Everynone on […]

Here’s your funny video for the week. It baffles me why kids fight sleep. Please, somebody tell me to go take a nap and I’m ready. But this little guy is holding on to being awake the best he can. […]

This video made the rounds in our office. I’ll be honest that at first I didn’t get it. Then, our Entertainment editor Evan Derrick said, “One day you’ll see that part of the fun of parenting is feeding your kids […]

Watch this video from the Associated Press about a baby in Texas who is battling a rare blood disease but keeps on dancing! You can learn more about Winslet and her condition on her web site: I don’t know […]