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Deputy Sheriff lost his life in a work-related traffic accident in 2014, leaving behind his 8-month-old daughter, Taliya. For the little girl’s 3rd birthday, a photo shoot was set up where Taliya could honor her fallen father. Mary Lee, a …Read More

Parents are usually proud of their children when they take their first steps, but for Lovely Johnson, it made her daughter her hero. The texas mother watched in awe recently as her 6-year-old daughter, Love, with cerebral palsy was able …Read More

Everyone wonders whether or not there is one great secret for truly successful living. There is. And it is not a secret. It has been quietly, steadily telling itself right in front of us all along. We just couldn’t hear …Read More

The University of California, Los Angeles has announced a $20 million gift from alumnus Matthew C. Harris (’84) and his wife, Jennifer, to establish an institute dedicated to understanding kindness. The institute, which is housed in the division of social …Read More

Many times, my daughter, Grace Anna, has been referred to as a “cute, little baby.” She is a nine-year-old girl, not a baby. This kind of statement never goes over quite well. Grace Anna is becoming increasingly aware of how …Read More

After the Category 5 hurricane crashed through the Bahamas, the country was left in ruins. Hurricane Dorian wrecked the string of islands this week leaving many without homes, food, power, and water. Hospitals and harbors were completely whipped out with …Read More

I believe in the possibility of a life without sin or suffering. I believe a better world is available to us – Heaven, where all of us can live in harmony. This is possible if we make God the most …Read More

Carli Lloyd’s viral 55-yard field goal was so impressive that NFL teams are taking notice. Her trainer James Galanis said Lloyd was approahced by several teams after her kick at the Philadelphia Eagles-Baltimore Ravens practice last week, with one even …Read More

Michael Pruitt was holding a ladder on his job site when he accidentally touched a live wire, causing him to be electrocuted. He had no pulse for 20 minutes. “He had no vital signs,” Dr. Angela Chudler said, an emergency …Read More

Philip Ng Chee Tat has more money than he knows what to do with. However, that hasn’t stopped him from realizing his true purpose in life: following Jesus Christ. Philip currently serves as CEO of Far East Organization Centre Pte. …Read More