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What is the key to a successful marriage? Conventional wisdom would suggest that the key is communication, trust or respect. The oldest married couple in the world, however, suggested something different. According to a Japanese couple who have been married …Read More

When expecting parents have periodic checkups on their developing baby, most are hoping and expecting to simply see their child on an ultrasound and hear an “all clear” from the doctors. Sometimes, however, there those unfortunate parents who receive a …Read More

A mom and her six sons are inspiring others with their dedication and compassion for others.  Phoebe Kannisto could be considered a supermom.  She is the mother to six sons and one daughter.  Her sons, Andre who is 10, identical …Read More

As I write this, we are all returning back to normal after Hurricane Irene. Here in Norfolk, the flood waters have receded, there are a few down trees and lots of people are still without power. However, it could have …Read More