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The Oscars are always an emotional event for those involved. It is far from unusual for acceptance speeches to contain a few tears, and there are undoubtedly a few emotional shows of deep disappointment hidden away from the paparazzi’s cameras. …Read More

When it comes to what appears in most media, the bad news dominates. Scandals and disasters sell, so most news media focuses on the unhappy and depressing. The worse the catastrophe, the better. This can give people the impression that …Read More

Stories of canine courage normally involve dogs who saved their owners from house fires or protected them from attack. People may also think of the dogs who sniff out bombs and drugs for police officers and soldiers alike. Most people, …Read More

Adonis Watt is a 14 year old running back at Phoenix Brophy Prep. He stands at 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 140 pounds and recently ran two touchdowns at a game against Mountain View. He much preferred these …Read More

Born with a clubfoot, Chloe Howard had endured five major operations by her fifteenth birthday. She struggled to accept herself and dealt with bullying and even suffered a physical assault. Her hardships, however, taught her that differences are unique, bullying …Read More

Dogs have long been described as man’s best friend, but most people do not think of canine companions as life savers. For veterans, however, dogs can be exactly that. Maddy Gibson, a 38 year old Navy veteran, divides the world …Read More

On June 21, 2018, Mordechai Miller finally achieved his dream of graduating from school. Along with the rest of the class of 2018, Miller donned a navy blue cap and gown, walked across the stage erected in the center of …Read More

Every expecting mother’s worst nightmare is to learn that there is something wrong with her unborn child. When Heather Garrity faced that fear, she was told that she might lose not one of her children but both. Garrity was 22 …Read More

Whether you turn on the news or talk to your neighbor, it is hard to escape the divisions carving themselves into the American landscape. Liberals call conservatives evil and heartless. Conservatives call liberals brainless. Millennials blame earlier generations for their …Read More

The Olympics are always exciting, but little is more exhilarating than a dramatic upset especially in a sport that is normally dominated by one or two nations. Yet, that is exactly what happened in Olympic curling last week. In the …Read More