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This year marks the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest achievements mankind has ever made, successfully leaving our home planet and setting foot on the lunar surface. It is fitting, then, that the documentary “Apollo 11” revived that triumph …Read More

So I know Valentine’s Day is over, but that doesn’t mean that the love has to stop. Check out this touching story of a man who shares love through the gift of espresso. This post makes me feel…Inspired (1) Motivated (1) Happy (1) …Read More

Just a few of my favorite things are colliding this Sunday. First of all, we all know that Oprah has her own TV network now. Literally, it’s called OWN. This Sunday, they are featuring “Super Soul Sunday”, television programming dedicated …Read More

I’m still thinking about the idea of bucket lists and to-do lists. When I sent out last week’s blog, a family friend sent me the name of John Goddard, and I can’t believe I haven’t heard of him before. Sky …Read More

Has a moment ever defined your passion so clearly that you just knew what to do with the rest of your life? For Isaiah Zagar, a well-known mural and mosaic artist based in Philadelphia, he discovered his passion for painting …Read More

The late actor Christopher Reeve will always be our Superman, and not just because he portrayed the man from Kryptonite on the big screen. When Reeve became paralyzed after falling from a horse, he inspired many with his positive, upbeat …Read More

This weekend, watch a different kind of romance movie, one without any last-minute car chases to the airport. “Young at Heart” is a documentary about two widows named Reva and Lou who fall in love with each other while on …Read More

Take a breather and watch a touching 4-minute documentary called “Marathon Women.” Mothers and other everyday women share why running is important in their lives. For some, it’s a “release,” an “ability to grow stronger,” and a way to “control …Read More

Use this Spring Cleaning meditation to clear the cobwebs of winter and welcome the fresh air of spring… and the possibility of love. Spring cleaning is as much a metaphor for spiritual life as it is an annual chore-ridden project.  In this …Read More