Inspiration Report

Ruth Hilliard of Northampton County, NC recently celebrated her 106th birthday, WTVD reports. She credits her longevity to her faith in God. While her vision isn’t what it used to be, she still takes time to recite Christian Scripture as […]

“You knew from the start that he would lay down his life for anybody. And that’s exactly what he did…” Survivors of the mass shooting at a public works building in Virginia Beach are saying Ryan “Keith” Cox gave his […]

A Virginia Beach resident was recently given the city’s “Lifesaving Award” for his heroic deed that saved a man’s life, Fox News reports. Collin Dozier, a four-time state wrestling champion and coach identified a parked car on the side of the […]

Kendrick Castillo lost his life to save the lives of his classmates. When they spotted a classmate with a gun, three students at STEM School Highlands Ranch in Colorado felt a call to act. The teenagers jumped from their desks, […]

Halima Aden recently made history as the first Muslim model to wear a hijab and burkini in Sports Illustrated magazine. Aden spoke with CNN following becoming the first contestant in Miss Minnesota USA to wear a hijab and burkini. She […]

A man who was trapped in a southwest Virginia cave for 47 hours praised God for his rescue. “The Lord watched over us,” the man told WCYB a CNN affiliate. Six men entered the Cyclops Cave together, according to the […]

In a recent interview with “The Pure Flix Podcast” Dr. Jeff Huxford shared how his near-death experience and traumatic brain injury he suffered during a car accident brought him closer to God. Prior to his injury, Dr. Huxford was a successful family […]

“I could hear the clear whisper of the Spirit,” she said. Anne Graham Lotz, evangelist and daughter of the late Billy Graham, believes God has healed her from breast cancer. Lotz says that she will be having her last cancer […]

Roxli Doss was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, an inoperable brain tumor that has no cure according to KVUE. It is the type of cancer that starts in the brain stem and spreads. “[The type of cancer] is very […]

“God kept us safe, God kept us alive,” Kenneth Bryant told Fox 8 in Cleveland. Bryant was one of two men who were nearly killed in an abandoned roadside vehicle. Both men believe the voice of God told them to […]