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A newlywed couple was driving to deal with some tough family issues when they spotted a heavenly cloud in the sky. Now being called the “Texas angel”, the couple captured the image of the creature on Highway 105 in Montgomery, […]

I took this picture Tuesday evening as I was leaving work from the top of our garage at work. It over looks the Elizabeth River into the neighboring city of Portsmouth. I just like the view but when I looked […]

President Barack Obama turns 49 today. We share this great photo of him in Metrolpolis, Illinois, in front of the town’s Superman statue. Photo taken by Clyde Wills, former editor of the Metropolis Planet. This post makes me feel…Inspired (0) Motivated (0) […]

Google’s logos, first introduced in 1999, have brought a smile to people’s faces with their colors, artistry, and unique designs.  Logos have promoted everything from major holidays to the anniversary of inventions to famous birthdays.  Today, Google launched a series of backgrounds you […]

The Volcano in Iceland is creating chaos on so many levels. It has caused a huge international crisis. This photo, reportedly taken on a farm close to the site of the erupting volcano, shows the hauntingly calm beauty of Iceland with a […]