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Is it possible to be grounded and have a rich interior life? Is it possible to get through the day with poise when everything hits the fan? Is it possible to have a spiritual life and not be a wing-nut?  For Jen Weigel, the answer to all three questions is a resounding YES.


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I’m Spiritual, Dammit! (Hampton Roads, September 2010) is an honest, amusing teaching memoir rooted in Weigel’s everyday experience as a mother, television personality, and performance artist. In 13 hilarious chapters Weigel captures the humor and pathos of being a parent, a partner and a public personality in today’s crazy world. From the opening line, “You seem to be a magnet for really bizarre stuff” the book implores the reader to laugh, think and be moved by her life lessons. Chapters include: “Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid: How to NOT Get Lost in a Guru” and “Beware of Preachers with Mullets: Develop your Intuition.”

In 2007, Weigel published her first book, Stay Tuned; Conversations With Dad From the Other Side, a book about her relationship with her late sportscaster father Tim Weigel and her spiritual attempts to contact him after his death. The next year, Weigel adapted the book into a one-woman show called “I’m Spiritual, Dammit!” in Chicago. This book allows her to share her thoughts and often irreverent philosophies with a larger group of people who also consider themselves “everyday people” but are looking for a deeper connection.


What makes this book so fun and refreshing is Weigel’s voice (think Erma Bombeck meets Anne Lamott). Whether she is trying to keep those extra pounds off, interviewing celebrities on television, or encountering the spirit of her dead father (who keeps appearing in the guise of a cardinal – a bird, not a prelate), Weigel maintains a zest for learning, living, and loving. Her high-spirited stories illustrate core life principles and convey an immediacy and energy that readers will find delightful.


Judith Orloff, MD, author of Second Sight and Emotional Freedom, says the book is, “A wonderful, alive, fun, informative book full of spiritual adventures and awakenings.”


Jenniffer Weigel is an Emmy Award winning Broadcaster from Chicago, IL. She currently runs JCW Productions and was the host and Executive Producer for the food and lifestyle show TASTE, which aired on NBC Chicago for 13 consecutive seasons. Her writing has appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times, and Today’s Chicago Woman, where she was an entertainment columnist  for two years.  She is the TribU columnist for the Chicago Tribune.

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