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What makes you happy? The folks at Red Wheel/Weiser want you to write down a line, a quote, a thought, a remembrance and e-mail it to for the forthcoming book, “If You’re Happy and Your Know It, Pass it On.”


The editor is Mina Parker, a freelance writer, editor, and mom. She is the author of Half Full, Mother Is a Verb, 100 Good Wishes for Baby, Her Inspiration, Less Is More, Mothers Love Is…, and Silver Linings

Mina and the publisher would like you to send in your submission on anything that makes your happy, including:

The day you picked wild blueberries and ate them on a bluff overlooking the ocean. Your street’s annual block party. Something someone did for you when you were down. The time your mother picked you up early from school to go play at the beach. Listening to Sunday opera with your Italian uncle. Playing music with friends. Your daughter’s short story getting published in the local paper. An unexpected gift. Smiles from little kids. Birdsong. Walking the streets on a snowday and the whole world seems to sparkle like diamonds. Singing to the Beatles with no one around. A dream realized… and more.

Here are the rules: SEND THEM WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY! Deadline is August 15. And by submitting your comments, quotes, thoughts and prayers you are agreeing to be in the book. They alson need your first name, age and city. Email today to and pass it along to friends.

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