The Inner Cubicle

Taz Tagore is a leading social entrepreneur, author and leadership expert. She founded the award-winning non-profit called The Reciprocity Foundation that helps homeless youth access higher education and start innovative careers. She also actively writes about and teaches leadership to senior executives at Fortune 500 corporations and at universities including New York University and the University of Toronto. Taz’s work has been featured in countless publications such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal and she has been featured on a wide variety of nationally broadcast television and radio shows.

I have always believed in soulmates.  While my belief might have sprung from an adolescent fantasy many decades ago, it has ripened into a surety—something solid enough to hold in my hands or place in my coat pocket. If you …Read More

Several years ago, I was contacted by Lisa Cherry—a woman feverish with a book idea.  I’ve been in  that place before, and so we began a conversation.  She had been physically ill and credited much of her healing to an …Read More

As a writer who writes about all the “big stuff” we face in our lives, I have shied away from one topic for a long time–love between two adults.  I’m single, and have been for a long time, so I …Read More

I started blogging shortly after giving birth to my daughter Ayla.  I decided on a mommy blog because, well, there was nothing else on my mind post-partum.  But last summer, the winds shifted in my life and suddenly I felt …Read More

Thomas Friedman wrote a provocative post in his NY Times column about the oil spill.  In it, he quoted a friend who wrote: “I’d like to join in on the blame game that has come to define our national approach …Read More

One of my personal passions is neuroscience–more specifically, translating some of the most important neuroscientific findings into leadership and workplace insights. One recent finding, summarized in David Rock’s book, Your Brain at Work, is that our conscious-thinking brain resources–located in …Read More

Michael Pollan famously summarized everything you should know about eating in 7 words (in an article in the NY Times):     Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants.   Last week, after reading his latest book–Food Rules–I realized that …Read More

After working in the corporate sector for many years, I confess that I do not covet what I’m told I should want: The famed “corner office” that represents the most power, the highest salary and the shortest title (which usually …Read More

When corporate accidents happen, people look to the CEO for answers.  And in the case of the recent oil spill caused by British Petroleum (BP), the company has covered all the right public relations bases.  Tony Hayward, BP’s Chief Executive, …Read More