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What show currently on television is the friendliest toward Christians? If you are like most people, a competitive singing show would probably be near the bottom of your list. In that case, you may not have been watching the most […]

In a recent emotionally charged Instagram post, Justin Bieber shared that he’s in the midst of the “most human season I’ve ever been in,” and is asking his fans for prayers during this rough period. “Just wanted to keep you […]

For Bret Michaels’s 9-year-old daughter Raine, the realization that her father might die the night he suffered a brain hemorrhage was devastating. “To think that my dad wouldn’t be growing up with me and my dad wouldn’t be walking me […]

TBS’s new comedy Miracle Workers, which premiered on February 12, has proven yet again that secular Hollywood is out of touch with the true meaning of Christianity. Based on the novel What in God’s Name, by Simon Rich, the show […]

Damon West received a scholarship to play football for the University of North Texas with big dreams and aspirations. Yet, after a major injury ended his football career, West lost his sense of direction and turned to drugs and alcohol […]

Many Christians were crying heresy when DC Comics announced it’s series, “Second Coming”, which presented Jesus coming back to Earth to fight evil alongside Sun-Man. Their voices were heard, and after 220,000 people signed a petition against the new comic […]

Television writer Chuck Lorre criticized White House press secretary Sarah Hucakabee on his latest “vanity card,” a personal statement he flashes across the screen after the credits of the show. Many are calling the statement “ugly” and “sexist.” Lorre criticized […]

An interview recently resurfaced on Fox Business Tuesday of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson criticizing support of universal health care. Roberston believes that instead of medicine, people need more Jesus. “I have eternal healthcare and it’s free,” Phil Robertson says. […]

Starting Monday, March 25, 2019, the History Channel will be returning to Judea to reexamine the most influential story ever told. The new, eight part series will air over four weeks and retell the epic story of Jesus Christ’s birth, […]

In a recent interview on “Journeys of Faith,” Paula Faris’s podcast for the ABC network, Melissa Joan Hart opened up about her faith and what led her to Jesus. She is now facing backlash for a story she shared during […]