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It’s probably not the kind of movie you’d expect to be so big-hearted, but in the midst of the chaos and the laughs, it really tugs at your emotions. Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne star as Pete and Ellie Wagner, […]

Rocky Balboa and Adonis Creed return to the big screen just in time for Thanksgiving in “Creed II.” The film is a direct sequel to the 2015 movie “Creed” and acts as the eighth instalment of the “Rocky” series. It […]

Anyone who enjoys scary movies has undoubtedly seen the classic horror film, “The Exorcist.” Frankly, even those who prefer not to watch anything more frightening than “Finding Nemo” are probably at least passingly familiar with “The Exorcist” or at least […]

Country singer Josh Turner has already reached heights to which many artists aspire to by creating multiple platinum songs, a Billboard Number 1 release, and Grammy and CMA nominations. His latest album, however, is the achievement of one of Turner’s […]

When you think of veteran TV host Kathie Lee Gifford, you might think of her work on the Today show, and her great reputation as an entertainer. Despite the immense amount of success she has had over the decades, being […]

ABC, which is owned by Disney, threw a prime-time party last night to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday. The two-hour special was titled “Mickey’s 90th Spectacular.” The tribute to the iconic character stole the hearts of many who watched it. […]

British scientist was a known atheist who refused to believe that anything existed beyond the realm of empirical science, even up until his death. However, he did help believers see God’s wonder in creation. In Stephen Hawking’s best seller, “A […]

It is always tragic to hear about people who abandoned religion because they had a terrible experience with a specific congregation, rabbi, preacher or mosque. That, however, is what almost happened to popular Christian singer Austin French. French’s father was […]

After 10 years, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” is struggling to pull in the ratings it needs. The 15th season of the reality TV show debuted with just over 1.36 million viewers. This may seem like a perfectly respectable showing […]

The Christian Broadcasting Network is joining the crowded marketplace of 24 hour news broadcasting. The Christian Broadcasting Network’s news channel is set to air on local television in 15 cities. The network’s CEO, Gordon Robertson, has said that he hopes […]