Idol Chatter

Ash Greyson is the managing editor of Beliefnet with 15 years of experience in the music/media industry

Donna Freitas has a Ph.D. in spirituality and is the author of many nonfiction books and two young adult novels, “The Possibilities of Sainthood” and “This Gorgeous Game,” due out this spring from FSG.

Douglas Howe is an Executive Life Coach, motivational speaker, father of four and founder of The HOWe Team, a Cincinnati-based leadership development company.

Ellen Leventry is a longtime Beliefnet contributor

Paul O’Donnell is the former Culture editor at Beliefnet.

Kris Rasmussen, the author of “WonkaMania,” has been a contributing editor to the Christian music magazine CCM and a feature writer for Relevant magazine.

Esther D. Kustanowitz is a Los Angeles-based writer and consultant specializing in social media, pop culture, Jewish community and innovation. She also blogs at MyUrbanKvetch and JDatersAnonymous, among other places.

Plus, a number of Beliefnet editors will also be posting to Idol Chatter as the mood strikes.