Idol Chatter

What show currently on television is the friendliest toward Christians? If you are like most people, a competitive singing show would probably be near the bottom of your list. In that case, you may not have been watching the most […]

“Captain Marvel” has joined the ranks of the other Avengers in more ways than one. The character not only made her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut over the weekend of March 9, 2019, but she has also joined the ranks of […]

Tim Tebow seems to be a constant source of inspiring information and quotes. From his famous “Tebowing” prayer pose in the NFL that to impromptu airport ministries, Tebow seems to make it a point to display some of the best […]

The Academy Awards have come and gone, and the night was as memorable as any of the award shows in past years. The Oscars in 2019 had a bit of a bumpy road getting to the day of the show, […]

George Mendonsa died on Sunday, February 17, 2019. The former Navy sailor was two days short of his 96th birthday. This news, while sad, is not something that would catch most people’s attention unless they knew Mendonsa, his wife Rita […]

The 91st Oscars are almost here, and they promise to be different than previous years. This senior-citizen awards ceremony has a number of firsts in 2019. Those firsts include “Black Panther,” the first comic book movie to be nominated for […]

Starting Monday, March 25, 2019, the History Channel will be returning to Judea to reexamine the most influential story ever told. The new, eight part series will air over four weeks and retell the epic story of Jesus Christ’s birth, […]

John Fugelsang recently released another Twitter rant about Christian supporters of President Trump. In his latest tweet, the actor claimed that Trump supporters were “completely illiterate” when it came to understanding the teachings of Jesus. “The only reason you’re president […]

In honor of the 25th anniversary of Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece, “Schindler’s List” will be re-released for a limited time in select theaters. The film will have had both its sound and its picture digitally remastered so that new and old […]

The nation got an impromptu lesson recently over journalistic ethics and the importance of checking facts before publishing a story. The media went wild over a video clip that supposedly showed students from Covington Catholic High School mocking a Native […]