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Nicole Symmonds is Beliefnet’s Prayer editor and also covers Christianity. A New Yorker by birth but a Floridian by tenure, Nicole graduated from Florida A&M University with a B.S. in Public Relations and a minor in Sociology. She moved to NY to pursue a career in journalism which started at In Style magazine. There she learned the ropes of magazine reporting, researching, and writing—and became exponentially more stylish. But what seemed like a deep interest in fashion and entertainment would soon be revealed as merely the vehicle that moved her closer to discovering her purpose, writing and covering matters of the Christian faith. While in her purpose-driven vehicle she can be found traveling between Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens for life, work and worship, respectively. From fashion to faith and the journey isn’t over yet…

Before I started writing this review, I had to go back and read what I wrote for “Why Did I Get Married?” I needed to see what inspired me in the first movie to see if I could cobble together …Read More

Earlier this year, Spike Lee called Tyler Perry’s work, “coonery and buffoonery”. Lee, a veteran in the industry, believes that we must want more for ourselves in terms of the black entertainment we support and supporting Perry is supporting an …Read More

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Watch out Tyler Perry, there’s a new black church/Christian film in town. Tyler meet “Pastor Brown”, the directorial debut from “Soul Food” series star Rockmond Dunbar. It’s the story of an exotic dancer’s return home to assume the position of pastor of her dying …Read More

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