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After all the hoopla, all the anticipation, the World Cup 2010 competition opens with… a 1-1 tie between Mexico and host country South Africa. Yes, folks, sports can end in a tie, a draw, Even Steven, and not just in …Read More

I am not the world’s biggest boxing fan, which is my way of saying that two grown men pummeling each other seems to me like a criminal act, not a sport. Still, I make exceptions now and again, and I …Read More

One of my favorite moments of last night’s Oscars show was Ben Stiller’s “Avatar” spoof, when he presented the award for best makeup in blue-face (and blue-tail) Nav’i get-up, with his speech mixing English and, of course, Na’vi. Alas, all …Read More

LeBron James, basketball phenomenon…. and a Member of the Tribe? I often tease my people about our collective obsession with the question of whether this celebrity or that is Jewish. But this one is a real mystery, and a big …Read More

Despite the rain pouring down here in New York City, despite the recession, despite the unsettling feelings pervading so much of our lives these days, another Opening Day is here for Major League Baseball. And not a moment too soon–a …Read More

Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling has announced his retirement, and I read the news with a mixture of sadness and admiration–sadness that we won’t get to watch one of the most dominant pitchers of our time anymore, admiration that he’s …Read More

It’s a shame that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is injured and had to drop out of “Dancing With the Stars.” Maybe it’s just the dorky two-left-footed dancer in me, but this is just about the most inspiring bit of television …Read More

Things are apparently serious enough between Lindsay Lohan and girlfriend Samantha Ronson for Lindsay to be considering converting to Judaism, Ronson’s faith. From the Daily Mail: Although raised a Catholic, the 22-year-old star announced she was planning to change her …Read More

As a parent, it’s impossible not to feel the anguish that John Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston, are feeling right now as they mourn the death of their son, Jett. It makes you want to hug your kids a …Read More

In his Idol Chatter entry about Tim Russert, Patton Dodd put voice to the loss we, his fans, feel at his sudden death. There’s another side of Russert that I’ve been focused on, however: Tim Russert the devoted father and …Read More