How Great Thou Part
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Each year we strive to not repeat much of our past. In the relationship world, that statistic is stacked against us. Admit it! When we are young, we believe we are relationship Ninjas! Immune to any sort of duplication of […]

I sit watching television. The night grows dark outside the window. I scan the movies and choose one. It seems like the perfect choice. I think it will inspire me and get me thinking about one day moving forward and […]

I hear from so many people about their relationships or about their divorce. Actually, I hear from many people just about life in general – their hopes, their dreams and often their mistakes. I always thought it was one of […]

I drive towards town. The air is colder than the past few days and it suits my morning mood. I fiddle with the radio not able to find a song that I like. I hear the hypnotic voice of Stevie […]